Smoked char salad

Veal croquettes with citrus in poppy crust

Celery, walnuts and cheese salad

Selection of land-cheese with jams and honey

Mousse of "Robiola" cheese with smoked salmon, lime and pink pepper

Mixed mushrooms au gratin

Land's cold cuts and cheese


prices from 7,50 to 8,00 euro




House made chestnuts "Tortelloni" with mountain butter.

"Bigoli" lake-fish flavour

Risotto with beetroot and saffran cream

Home-made potatoes gnocchi with mountain cheese "Bagoss"

Trofie (fresh pasta) mit zucchini, ricotta and almonds

Baked lasagne

Pumpkin and chestnuts cream with crunchy bread

For children spaghetti to the meat sauce or the tomato sauce

prices from 6,00 to 9,50 euro




Duck in "Salmì" (long cooking in red wine) with our polenta

Rabbit cooked in saucepan with polenta

Pork fillet cuts with green pepper souce

Beef "tagliata" with rocket, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and parmisan

Marinated cuts beef tenderloin

Turkey's chutneys in lemon-ginger sauce and honey

Mixed fried fisch of the Garda Lake with vegetables of our garden

Stewed pike Garda Lake style

Fresh fish from Garda Lake (according to the availability odf the day)

Our grilled polenta with local cheese

Typical meat spiss with our polenta (on reservation - min. 10 pax)

prices fro 7,50 to 17,00 euro




Typical vegetables dumplings Tignale Style with organic olive oil

Mixed vegetables cooked in pan with butter and ou gratin

Baked potatoes

Mixed salad from our garden

Cereal and legumes salad with anis seeds

Salad with fennel, carrots, apple, pomgranate and nuts with
seeds of fennel, pumkin and sunflower


pices from 3,00 to 4,50 euro




Chocolate cake

Tiramisù - Parfait with "mascarpone" cream biscuits "Savoiardi" and coffee

Our peers in syrup to Grappa Rugiada delle Alpi

Slices of pastry with Chantilly cream and wild strawberries

Parfait to the macaroon and almonds


Prices fro 3,50 to 5,00 euro