Our restaurant is located inside the ancient distillery and the wine cellars at the ground floor of the main house.
The charming environment, characterized by the vaulted ceilings, the old big wine barrels and the collection old farming hand crafts and tools, makes our restaurant the right place to take a rest appreciating the peaceful atmosphere of the rural environment while tasting the cooking based as much as possible on the simple tastes of local tradition and the products of our farming activity.

With the help of this peaceful and charming environment, our purpose is to offer our guests the friendly and familiar atmosphere of older times and places, where everyone, alone or together with friends, may spend some nice and relaxing time, tasting genuine food and wines in a simple and warm place.
During the summer season, the beautiful garden adds the opportunity of dining with the view of the sunset on the Monte Baldo.




We are open form the 8th of April
to the 8th of October
Evening time: Tuesday-Sunday from 18:30
Lunch time: Sunday from 12:30 to 14:00
We are closed on Mondays.

We are open also at noon
during every Italian festivity.






The passion for essential flavours and natural food of our region leades us while choosing the ingredients of our cuisine.

For this reason almost 40% of the products we use are organic products coming from our farming activity (vegetables, potatoes, corn flour, fresh fruit, nuts, marroni, wine, olives oil), another 30% (alp butter, meats, fish, cheese, cold cuts, wines) comes from our countryside farms and only the 20-30% of the products are coming from other sources (mainly beverages). As far as possible we choose also these ones promoting the "zero km philosophy”, because every meter run more than needed damages our environment, a precious, limited resource that is not to be misused.